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APR Anti-Bacterial Silk Cashmere sweaters

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APR Anti-Bacterial Silk Cashmere sweaters

Anti-Bacterial Silk Cashmere sweaters

For Spring/Summer season, Ewsca-Cashmere bring you the Anti-Bacterial Silk Cashmere sweaters collection.
So far, the only way to increase the antibacterial properties of cashmere and natural fibers is to use detergent additives at the fiber, yarn or garment stage. Although this provides an element of protection, these benefits will eventually diminish and disappear over time.
With this in mind, we hope to create a longer-lasting antibacterial solution for cashmere so that it remains active after washing​​. Our yarn supplier R&D team makes full use of the antibacterial function of natural plants, and applies microcapsule herbal nanocomposite technology to our luxurious natural fibers (such as cashmere, wool and cotton). The result is a series of beautiful fashionable yarns, which not only have antibacterial functions, but also have the advantages of being pure, natural and chemical-free.
In addition, because the use of antibacterial cashmere can wash clothes at a lower temperature, the wear on the yarn is significantly reduced, thereby prolonging the service life of the clothing, and bringing you the higher value and value of owning Ewsca-Cashmere cashmere sweaters' pleasure.
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